The Art of Setting Goals

The Art of Setting Goals

12/31/14 James Winston

If you are looking to start anew on January 1, goal setting is more than an idea, it is an action plan. Goals may be associated with one’s career, finances, education, health, family, social activities, service, or even one’s attitude.

Although we might feel like we will conquer the world in 2015, it is important to write down your goals and prioritize them based on what is most important and what you can clearly write a plan to attain. If you have not had much success in the past with resolutions, you may want to choose one goal to put your energy toward.

A great way to start developing goals is using the SMART method:
S – Specific (or Significant)
M – Measurable (or Meaningful)
A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented)
R – Relevant (or Rewarding)
T – Time-bound (or Trackable)

Using the SMART method can help you identify whether your goal is well-defined or is too abstract; abstract goals are generally more difficult to quantify and to measure progress. You then can adjust accordingly to assure that you are meeting the SMART criteria and are setting yourself on track to accomplish your goals.  Dr. Will Meeks in Psychology Today discusses how you can start mapping your goals by understanding goal basics, goal setting, devising an action plan, and following up. Click here to read more.

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