Ten Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

Ten Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

02/10/11 James Winston

When you hear about couples who maintain a strong relationship through all of life’s challenges, you may wonder how they do it. Many of these couples have faced the same kinds of difficulties that can lead to break-ups for other people, such as financial problems, trouble with in-laws, or differences in interests or personalities. But somehow, these couples have stayed together while others haven’t.

Here are ten tips based on the conclusions experts have drawn from studying successful relationships.

  1. Have a strong commitment to making your relationship work.
  2. Think of yourselves as friends, not just as a couple.
  3. Accept your differences and disappointments.
  4. See yourselves as equal partners.
  5. Pay attention to how you communicate.
  6. Handle disagreements constructively.
  7. Develop a support system.
  8. Make sure each of you has some privacy and independence.
  9. Share rituals and traditions.
  10. Have fun!

Every couple is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for a good relationship. But people who’ve stayed together for a long time tend to have some of the same things in common.

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