Taking Your Workplace Culture to New HEIGHTS – Part II

Taking Your Workplace Culture to New HEIGHTS – Part II

12/18/18 Laura Gibbons

By Elizabeth McCormick

If you find yourself and your organization stuck, or you’re ready to rev up your engine to soar higher, it may be time to engage your discipline and do the difficult things that other leaders may not do. Here are some habits that can help you take your organizational culture to new HEIGHTS:

Gear Down
In today’s world, it’s tough to find time to think, yet that’s one of the more critical elements of success. Studies show that intentional downtime improves productivity, energy, and results. Don’t fall for that top-speed mentality or you’ll eventually run out of fuel. Schedule some time to gear down.

ACTION PLAN: Prioritize some non-negotiable time on your calendar just for you. Create a distraction free space where you can clear your mind and unplug from everything. Start with just 10 minutes if that’s all you have, but just start. You’ll be amazed at the clarity and productivity you’ll experience as a result.

Hidden Opportunities
Instead of waiting to see what the day holds and reacting to that email, phone call or situation, a more strategic approach is to determine responses before calamity strikes.

ACTION PLAN: Along with your yearly planning meetings to fine tune the company’s vision and goals, be strategic about anticipating potential problems. Have an “Anticipation Meeting” with the goal of creating contingency plans and asking each department to develop a “what if” list, along with solutions. This type of strategy allows you and your team to be more creative in problem-solving abilities while in a calmer state than an emergency allows.

Talk It Out
Make it a habit to communicate openly with your team and allow them the opportunity to take part in the conversation. When communication is lost, your teamwork and productivity will suffer right along with your company’s goals.

ACTION PLAN: No one likes to be kept in the dark. Be clear in meetings about expectations, goals, and their command structure. You can also set a time where everyone knows your door is open to talk for topics that need to be dealt with one-on-one.

Share the Load
Delegating important tasks is another way you can honor and empower your team to take on new responsibilities that help to sharpen and show off their strengths.

: Encourage a company culture where employees at all levels have the chance to share their ideas, talk about what they do, and possibly mentor new up-and-comers in your organization. When leaders at all levels take ownership of the company vision and goals, there’s no limit to what you and your organization can do.

When you choose winning habits by believing in the potential of your team, looking for the best in others, extending kindness, and creating space for them to give back, share ideas, and lead, you provide the jet fuel to ignite their creativity as you empower them to discover new levels of success. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo – make winning a habit so you and your team can soar to new heights.

Elizabeth McCormick is a keynote speaker specializing in leadership, sales, and safety presentations. She was recently named #4 on the list of Leadership Experts to Follow Online. She is a former US Army Black Hawk Pilot, and author of “The P.I.L.O.T. Method; the 5 Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life.” To learn more, visit www.YourInspirationalSpeaker.com.
Source: Employee Assistance Report, LifeStyle Tips, Vol. 13 No. 12

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