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What is the goal of the Centerstone Solutions mental health and substance abuse benefit for Prime Care Choice members?
Generally individuals are able to face problematic issues, find an adequate and reasonable solution, and go on. However, for all of us, there are other times in our lives when no matter how hard we may try the solution is not there. It is at those times when a little bit of assistance at the right time can have a great impact.

With that assistance Prime Care Choice members will be able to regain control – at work or in their personal lives – before bigger problems occur. Some issues for which individuals typically seek counseling assistance are: family conflicts, relationships, parenting, alcohol or drug problems, anxiety, stress, depression, work concerns, health problems, dealing with aging parents, anger management, managing change, and self-esteem.

Centerstone Solutions provides supportive care to enrich and maximize the quality of life for Prime Care Choice members.

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How many outpatient visits are available under this plan?
The first 4 outpatient visits are at NO CHARGE to the member; an additional 22 visits are available with co-pay, up to an annual maximum of 26 visits for both mental health services and substance abuse treatment.

Pre-certification is required prior to provision of service.

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How are inpatient visits handled?
Inpatient mental health or substance abuse services are paid at 50% of eligible charges after the deductible with an annual maximum of 30 days. Pre-certification is required. For any emergency admission, notification by the next working day is required.

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Are Centerstone Solutions’ services confidential?
Yes! No one – including your employer – will ever know you used Centerstone Solutions’ services unless you choose to share the information or unless you give Centerstone Solutions written permission to disclose it.

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Are there any circumstances when confidential information is divulged?
Yes, there are two situations when, by law, confidential information must be divulged:

  1. If you are in danger of harming yourself or others
  2. If there is suspected abuse or neglect of a child, elder, or disabled individual

In either of these situations the counselor is required to disclose such information to appropriate authorities.

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What are the qualifications of the Centerstone Solutions counselors?
Centerstone Solutions’ services are provided by credentialed behavioral health specialists. All counselors will have a minimum of a Masters Degree from an accredited program of study. They are licensed/certified by the State. Many have advanced studies in specialty areas.

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How do I access Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services through Centerstone Solutions?
All mental health and substance abuse services to Prime Care Choice members must be pre-authorized by Centerstone Solutions.

When you need mental health or substance abuse assistance, please call (812) 377-5074 or (800) 766-0068.

Centerstone Solutions will set up an appointment for a time and location that’s convenient for you as you begin the search for solutions to your problems.

For an emergency admission notification by the next working day is required.

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