Performance Standards

Centerstone Solutions will provide professional consultation to help you solve problems that interfere with the quality of your daily life by exploring your options and helping you choose a strategy that’s best for you. Then we will help put a plan into action.

Centerstone Solutions’ standards of performance are:

  • Any service will be provided by highly skilled and professional behavioral specialists.
  • All calls from members will be answered promptly, in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Appointments will be offered within 5 working days for routine referrals. Emergencies will be seen the same day.
  • Services are available within 25 miles of the Prime Care Choice member’s location.
  • Centerstone Solutions assures personal and confidential assistance to meet the highest level of our members’ satisfaction.

All mental health and substance abuse services provided to Prime Care Choice members must be pre-authorized by Centerstone Solutions.
Call (812) 377-5074 or (800) 766-0068.
(For emergency admission, notification by the next working day is required.)

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