Setting Your 2022 Intention

Setting Your 2022 Intention

01/14/22 Laura Gibbons

The New Year symbolizes a new start and is often greeted with setting resolutions. But studies show that 80% of resolutions are dead in the water by February. A new approach and alternative to setting New Year’s resolutions is to set an intention. This is a word or phrase that is more of a value, reflects something that is meaningful to you, and guides how you will approach your day or your life.

To set your intention, first set aside a time and place to reflect with no distractions. Think deeply about questions that are specific to what you have experienced or what you want to experience such as:

Where do I feel deprived? What do I miss? What do I need more of? What do I need less of? What gives me joy? What depletes me? What serves me? What doesn’t serve me? What do I want my life to look like or represent? How do I want to feel? What matters most?

As you answer these questions and explore on your own, look for a common theme or what resonates with you the most. This intention is to serve as a reminder of the direction you want to move to fulfill your needs, desires, goals, or purpose.

To get you thinking, here are a few examples of intentions:
Nourish, Movement, Connect, Boundaries, Simplify, Focus, Discipline, Strength
Present, Mindful, Flexible, Purposeful, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Grateful, Calm
Compassion, Learning, Creative, Adventure, Balance, Authentic, Brave

Once you determine your intention, think about how you will stay accountable to your intention. Journal, recruit a friend or accountability partner to share in this journey, post visible reminders, and regularly check in on how you are feeling.

Intentions are not just words. They will influence your actions, thinking, or how you seek purpose day to day. Intentions often cause a ripple effect where you start seeing positive changes in other areas of your life, whether personally, professionally, relationally, or other key area of your life.

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