It’s a New Year: What is Your 20 for 20?

It’s a New Year: What is Your 20 for 20?

01/23/20 Laura Gibbons

It’s January, a new year (and decade). Oftentimes, we think of it as a new beginning and making change. Many make resolutions, but few stick with them. Some may have just given up on making resolutions since they have not panned out in the past.

According to Strava, the social network for athletes, Sunday, January 19, is the fateful day many will give up on their New Year’s resolutions. If you did not make it past this point, do not feel bad. In a study by the University of Scranton, a mere 8% of individuals achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

With these kind of statistics, it makes sense to look at the New Year in a new way. Instead of focusing on resolutions made on January 1, which are oftentimes unrealistic and daunting, why not make a 20 for 20 list – a great play on 2020!

First, set aside undistracted time to think about the things that you would really like to do, try, or challenge yourself throughout the year. Second, focus on a list that combines purpose and meaning, interests, fun, overall well-being, and joy. Here are some tips for making a well-rounded and feasible 20 for 20 list:
• Choose items that you can check off – visit a museum, clean out that long-awaited closet, take a weekend getaway with the family, try a new food
• Set short-term goals – do a 30 day plank challenge, cut out sugar for 10 days, take a 5 day digital detox
• Longer commitments – join a book club, adopt a new daily habit (journaling, mediation, saving money), take a class or learn a new skill

Choosing to do a 20 for 20 list allows you to set goals throughout the year to feel more accomplished and fulfilled rather than a statistic.

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