Approaching the Holiday Season

Approaching the Holiday Season

11/27/19 Laura Gibbons

The holidays can be a wonderful time to connect with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company and fellowship. It is a time to enjoy favorite holiday recipes, holiday decorating, and festivity. The holidays can also be a time of stress, confusion, and pain. Often times we may find ourselves in one of the following categories:

Whirlwind holiday season
For some of us, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can often leave us feeling worn out and exhausted. We over schedule ourselves with holiday parties, functions, shopping, volunteering, and other holiday buzz. We may find our calendars over-booked with little time to enjoy all the holiday season has to offer us. If you tend to be in this category of overbooking yourself, be mindful of what the holiday season is about. Maybe this year you will be selective of the holiday events you attend and prioritize what really is important to you so that you can slow down and really enjoy this time of year.

Isolation throughout the holiday season
Maybe you are feeling lonely during this holiday season or have recently experienced a loss. You may find yourself feeling more withdrawn, sad, and wanting to be alone. The holidays are not always a joyous time of year for everyone. They may be a reminder of happier times we no longer have or painful memories we do not want to revisit. If you find yourself in this place, be mindful of the desire to stay home and isolate yourself. Make a goal to attend some holiday events throughout the holiday season and to be with people who care about you. The holiday event could be going to a friend’s holiday party, driving around and looking at the Christmas lights, or volunteering with your church group. Often times you will find once you are out of the house and spending time with people who care about you, you are glad you went and find comfort in it.

Estranged or far from family
Some of you may be experiencing tough times with your family or maybe your family lives far away and you will not be able to see them this holiday season, or m. Take this time as an opportunity to branch out and meet new people or attend holiday functions with your friends. Just because your family does not live close by, or you are in the midst of a tough time with your family, it does not mean you have to be alone during the holidays. You can choose to be with the people who care about you right now and enjoy the holidays with them.

Full of holiday cheer
Still others of you are feeling very good about the holidays. You have done well filling your holiday season with holiday cheer from parties, to shopping, volunteering, and spending quality time with friends and family. You have created a good balance on how to enjoy the holidays and find meaning in the holiday time without increasing the stress. Possibly this holiday season you will connect with someone who may be struggling during this time of year. Maybe invite that person over for the holidays if you know he or she is recently divorced, widowed, having difficulty with family, or has no place to go. Spread your holiday cheer to others. If you have a friend who is feeling over burdened by the holidays, reach out to your friend and help lessen the load.

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