Value of an EAP

What Employers Need to Know:

  • Approximately 20% of employees experience personal problems serious enough to affect job performance.
  • Family issues cause 22% of unscheduled absences.
  • Substance abuse is indicated in 40% of industrial fatalities, 47% of industrial injuries and is the 3rd leading cause of workplace violence.
  • An estimated 18.8 million people suffer from depression with 80% of those depressed not seeking treatment.
  • Employers lose 27 work days per employee with depression, two-thirds of which is due to presenteeism.
  • Behavioral health disorders are the 5th leading cause of short-term disability and the 3rd cause for long-term disability.
  • More than 70% of individuals experience physical symptoms related to stress resulting in many doctor visits.

The Effects on Your Bottom Line:

  • Depression costs employers $44 billion in lost productivity.
  • Stress-related health care and missed work costs employers $300 billion annually.
  • Substance abusers use three times the normal level of employee health benefits and incur 300% higher medical costs.

Centerstone Solutions is on the frontlines helping employees resolve issues that are affecting job performance and assisting organizations increase the bottom line through a healthy, positive and productive workforce.

The Value of an EAP

  • Employers on average yield an $8 return for every $1 invested in an EAP.
  • Increases productivity by more engaged employees and reduction of presenteeism, inter-group conflicts and team problems.
  • Over 80% of issues presented are resolved within the EAP.
  • 95% of EAP users report being satisfied with services.
  • EAP and wellness utilization is steadily increasing.

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