Woman at construction siteA Full-Service EAP

Centerstone Solutions serves organizations and their employees by identifying issues that may be affecting workplace productivity, morale and overall effectiveness. Our approach is comprehensive and strategic, working with each client organization in developing a workplace culture that attracts and retains talent, grows leaders and supports employees to perform at their best through the following core services:

  • Management consultations and supervisory trainings for leadership seeking to improve employee job performance and work culture
  • Confidential problem-solving services for employees and their household members to address concerns that may be affecting their professional or personal life
  • Workplace trainings focused on professional skill development, workplace respect, wellness and work/life balance
  • Critical Incident Response to traumatic workplace events and advising clients how to handle critical incidents
  • Mediation and problem resolution services to resolve employee conflict
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services for employees
  • Work/Life online resources to help employees meet the demands of both work and home

Why an EAP is Important

Turnover, loss of productivity and increased costs all affect an organization’s bottom line. Centerstone Solutions will assist you in preventing and addressing areas that cost you time and money.

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