Alcohol Use

Americans spend over $60 billion dollars a year on one drug alone. That’s $7 million dollars per hour. You won’t find the U.S. Coast Guard intercepting it. This drug may even be hiding in the back of your refrigerator. Liquor, beer and wine contain alcohol – our society’s favorite “DRUG.”

Only in the last 20 years has alcohol been considered a drug like cocaine and marijuana. Drugs act on the human body and have predictable effects. The main reason people use drugs is simple. It makes the user feel good for a short time.

Over two thirds of the adult population in America drinks occasionally. Half of junior high school children have tried alcoholic beverages.

Most people think of themselves as social drinkers, but there is a fine line between social and problem drinking. Eventually, problem drinkers do and say things that hurt and endanger others at home and at work.

There is no reliable way to predict who will become alcohol dependent. It is a disease much like diabetes, a lifelong condition, that can be put on hold with proper treatment.

Here are some of the signs of alcoholism to look for:

  • The drinker begins to carry or be near a supply
  • The drinker may drink alone
  • Blackouts may occur (Periods of time are not remembered)
  • He/she drinks more and faster than others
  • Drinking causes serious problem (D.U.I.s, absenteeism, accidents, abusive outbursts, inappropriate behavior)
  • The drinker denies/rationalizes obvious problems

If Centerstone Solutions is your EAP you or someone you know has one or more of these symptoms, we can help. Left alone, alcohol use will become worse. Before that happens, please call us at (800) 766-0068. It’s free, confidential and effective.

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