Building a Resilient Workplace

Building a Resilient Workplace

02/8/19 Laura Gibbons

Building resilience can be helpful not only in one’s personal life, but also in one’s professional life. The more resilient we are, the more likely we can deal with increased work demands, deadlines, changes in priorities or within the organization, a mounting workload, difficult co-workers or customers, new technology, setbacks or cutbacks, and other challenges as they present themselves. There are also things the workplace can do to help foster resiliency.

Here are some ways to build a more resilient workplace:

•Cultivate a supportive work environment
•Provide resources and skills development to help employees meet new challenges and professionally grow
•Frame mistakes or setbacks as learning experiences, not failures
•Show appreciation for hard work and working through challenges
•Provide opportunities for employees to contribute and have meaningful participation
•Set clear and consistent boundaries
•Communicate expectations
•Provide constructive feedback
•Be a welcome center for ideas
•Increase opportunities for team building
•Create mentorships and opportunities to volunteer or give back to community

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