Performance Standards

Centerstone Solutions commits to providing the highest quality of service and adheres to the following performance indicators. All network providers are required to meet these same standards.

1. Each referral will include an assessment, identification of goals, and a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes within a brief, solution-focused model.

2. Every employee referral shall include an assessment and identification of issues that may be affecting the employee’s job performance with clear goals to improve functioning.

3. All phone calls will be answered promptly and requests will be handled in a friendly and professional manner.

For routine referrals, an appointment within three working days will be offered.

4. Crisis referrals will be assessed the same day.

5. Assessments will be face-to-face unless otherwise indicated by EAP and agreed upon by client.

6. A working knowledge of local qualified providers and community resources when a referral is deemed appropriate. Any referrals will meet the needs discussed with the employee/household member and will consider the client’s health benefits if a higher level of care is needed.



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